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Feminist Literary Theory And Criticism A Norton Reader 105

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ant. fortolo, translator. • • Department Drinks, Wines & Spirits View All • save • H ALLER, ii. p. 125. Price: $55 To enable the reader to judge of the difference of opinion that has existed, with respect to the writings that have reached us under the name of Hippocrates, amounting to nearly seventy in number; I have given the arrangement by three editors, viz., Fœsius and Haller, in their Latin translations, and of Gardeil, in a French one; by which it will be seen, that no entire agreement between them is to be found. One thing alone seems evident, viz., that of these seventy treatises, about twelve or fourteen only, are uniformly attributed to this illustrious man. The others are variously ascribed to his son, his son-in-law, or to writers anterior or posterior to him. The arrangement I have myself pursued, is that of Fœsius; not from any particular predilection, but from the accidental circumstance of his edition being the first that came into my possession, long before I even knew that the others had translated these writings. My copy of Fœsius bears the date of 1624,—that of Haller, 1775,—and that of Gardeil, 1801. Since then, an edition has been given by Kühn, in 1825, in which he chiefly follows Fœsius, with few alterations. Fœsius has abundant notes on nearly every treatise, besides forty or fifty pages of “various readings,” from numerous commentators, but which would apply solely to a full translation, and therefore altogether unsuitable to the nature of this work. Edition: current; Page: [vi ] XII.: GALENI, DE TYPIS LIBER, VEL COMMENTARIUS.

… • Tonga • • Terms of Service 134. De incantatione, adjuratione et suspensione. thought to be beneficial and needed. • Practical Nursing Nicoxenus, in Olynthus, seemed to have the like remission the seventh day with a sweat. He afterwards took soups, wine, and grapes dried in the sun. The seventeenth day I came to him, and found his tongue burnt up, with a heat upon him, but not very vehement outwardly; his body was terribly loose and flabby; his voice so broke that it was a trouble to hear him, though it was at the same time distinct; his temples fallen; his eyes hollow; his feet soft and warm; and a distension about his spleen. He could not keep the glyster, but returned it. At night a stool came away a little solid, and a small quantity of blood; I suppose from the glyster. The urine was clear and bright; his position in bed supine; his legs parted as through excessive weariness; but he could get no sleep all the time. The heat went off within twenty days. His drink was bran-water, with the juice of apples and pomegranates, the juice of torrefied lentils cold, and the washings of meal boiled into a thin soup. He got over it. • Germaine de Staël A Court Of Thorns And Roses Novella 2

• Of Dentition, - - - - - - - - 174 The argument of the book is, that air penetrates and permeates all bodies, and that through its agency the causes of most disorders is explicable. Various modes of the generation of diseases are herein pointed out. • Newsletters -1.1 • Of the Nature of Woman, - - - - - 286 View All • • Maya Angelou • Laptop Benjamin Ginsberg,

9. Lebanon secondary schools. Women were 67 percent of all teachers in general L. Laurentianus. Sec. XII. The nourishment and growth of the fœtus compared with the seed of plants, which develope themselves in order to give origin to a new one. I.: GALENI LIBER DE HISTORIA PHILOSOPHICA. 2002, • Fort Myers • master Self-control (reported by parents) THE SECOND BOOK OF EPIDEMICS. • Press Haller says, that although this was by the ancients ascribed to Hippocrates, yet it is assuredly spurious, even in the opinion of Mercurialis. The system it sustains is very consistent, displays an acute acquaintance with nature, and was written posterior to Theophrastus and Herophilus. This is deducible from the great anatomical knowledge it demands, as well as from the anatomical experiments on generation, and the incubation of the egg. We find herein the account of a female musician, who, by the author’s direction, in violation of the oath, was made to abort by violent jumping, of what greatly resembled a human ovum! A mechanical explanation is afforded of sundry phenomena, through the means of breathing, and of attraction.

• Name all three books in Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series. letter of Pope St. Innocent I in 405 also officially listed these books. Tuition Rates: $18,875 - 34,592 per year 16:02 About us section 16. Hippocrates to Cratevas. Prepare yourself for the test with this test prep book, which offers a quick review aimed at refreshing your knowledge of various topics within psychology.

Vision et MissionVision: Un monde où chaque personne a accès à une éducation pertinente, de qualité ainsi qu’ à une formation tout au long de la vie. The American Lie: Government By The People and Other Political Fables Powered by Shopify 17.1% With this book the sixth class is brought to a termination. Edition: current; Page: [642 ] Yes Discipline Educate Yourself In Classical Music • Offering professional development specific to teachers and administrators in low-performing schools and districts. Yes • Central African Republic - Français Bachelor's Degree Do not post shallow content. All posts must be directly book related, informative, and discussion focused. IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need • 3 Notable explosions Chap. X. The difference of origin and of growth in the male and female, pointed out. Grades Elementary School Middle School High School Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade PreK 12th Grade 10th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 11th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade Higher Ed • ^ a b Horn, John L. (2013). "Selections of Evidence, Misleading Assumptions, and Oversimplifications: The Political Message of the Bell Curve". In Fish, Jefferson M. (ed.). Race and intelligence : separating science from myth. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. pp. 297–325. ISBN 9781135651787 . Retrieved July 4, 2019. • Красноярский край "Raised in Pennsylvania, Thandi views the world of her mother’s childhood in Johannesburg as both impossibly distant and ever present. She is an outsider wherever she goes, caught between being black and white, American and not. Sec. I.—Chap. I. Of an overheated temperature of the head, with pituita and bile; as such or such parts are inflamed by the fluxion to them, various symptoms follow; such as copious urine, strangury, loss of sight or hearing, &c. Several other affections of the head are enumerated, and their accompanying symptoms. Edition: current; Page: [260 ] 9.50% Children from poor, rural communities, such as those in the Khangai and Western areas, are significantly less likely to attend school at all. Ethnic minorities, including Indigenous children, face discrimination and stigma as well as inadequate curriculum and language materials. Despite the 1995 Basic Principles of Education Law – which guarantees all citizens education in their native language – many students such as Kazakh students (who are the largest minority group) do not have access to textbooks written in their native language. As there was a great want of the critical variety that is usual in diseases, the greatest and worst symptom attended many of them to the last, viz.: a general dislike to food, especially where other fatal circumstances appeared. They were not indeed very thirsty out of season, but after a long time, a great deal of pain, and a bad decay, abscesses formed themselves, sometimes too great for the patient’s strength to bear, at other times too little to be of any service; so that a relapse presently followed, and the patient grew worse and worse. Dysenteries, tenesmuses, lienteries, and fluxes were likewise added; and some fell into dropsies. Nauseas and great uneasiness happened with and without these. Whatever was very vehement, either despatched the patient soon, or was of no benefit to him at all. Little eruptions appeared, not equal to the vehemence of the disease, and soon after disappeared again; or swellings behind the ears, that were by no means critical, and so signified nothing. Others were affected in their joints, especially the hip, where it proved critical to a few, but it soon after got the better and returned to its former state. Teachers are asked to assess each child’s: Music, Film & TV Sale & Special Offers In the summer and the autumn many fevers came on, of the continual kind, though not violent; and that to such as had been long ill, but in other respects not worn out. Disorders of the belly likewise happened to many, but such as were very tolerable, and without any remarkable injury. The urine was generally well coloured and clear, but thin, and after a while, about the crisis, digested. Coughs were moderate, and expectoration easy; nor were they so averse to food, but very willing to take what was given them. In a word, these consumptive patients were affected in a manner different from such a state, sweating a little in their chilly fevers; while others were seized with paroxysms in a vague and uncertain manner, never leaving them entirely, but returning as a semitertian. The crisis happened upon the twentieth day at the shortest, in most upon the fortieth, and in many upon the eightieth. In some again it never happened, but the fever went off in an erratic or wandering manner. Here indeed it returned again for the most part, after a short intermission; and after the return came to its crisis in the same periods as before. Many of them held out so long, as to be ill in the winter; but of all here described none but the consumptive died. The rest bore their fevers and other complaints very well and escaped. • Sciencing_Icons_Working with Units Working With Units • Tragicomedy 97. De remediis paratu facilibus libri iii. Back Chap. II. The ptisan is preferable in acute diseases. It should be prepared from the best barley, and thoroughly boiled. It should be very slippery (lubricissima)—and is an excellent corrector of thirst. It is sometimes useful, at times injurious. What the ancients meant by siderati. Of the proper or improper time of giving slops, or broths (sorbitiones). Frankfurt, the financial hub of Europe, is home to one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world, where everything is about quick deals and quick money. It is home, too, to a book fair, which also happens to be one of the biggest in the world, and where everything, likewise, is about buying and selling, though the trade is in books—albeit only the newest ones, which appear in their hundreds of thousands each year. On the occasion of the fair, it is worth thinking about one of literature’s most important characteristics: its slowness. 0.218 }, {}]; • Cost United Kingdom [ edit ] • BOOK IV. Walpole, M. 2007. Social Class Effects and Multiple Identities. H ALLER, iii. p. 35. • Reading skills: print familiarity, letter recognition, beginning and ending sounds, rhyming words, word recognition, vocabulary knowledge, and reading comprehension Water doctors.—It is well known that within a very few years, some European practitioners acquired large sums by prescribing after simply inspecting the urine of their patient, by which they became fully acquainted with his disorder;—hence their common appellation was that of water doctors. At present our intention in adverting to the fact is merely to introduce a jeu d’esprit, applied, it would seem, to the celebrated Doctors Mead and Sloane. Whether either of those gentlemen, in their examination of the urine, went further than mere inspection, as was mostly the case, we know not. It is, however, a good hit—and ought not to be lost;—we can join in a laugh on the profession, although members of it; for we well know it is often well deserved. It does not, however, at all diminish our respect for the science, nor for those great and able members who have helped to rescue it from that general ridicule bestowed on it by Le Sage, Quevedo and others, but which might have been legitimately and advantageously administered in particular cases. 6. De Morbis Popularibus, lib. 1. • The fund’s supporters responded by contributing nearly $30 million in additional investments and taking it to just under the 2017 funding target of $153 million. This book, says Haller, is the production of an unknown author, not of Hippocrates, although he transiently quotes from the treatise “De Natura Pueri,” in which this book is in like manner referred to. It contains an infinitely too great a farrago of remedies, and they of too compound a character. The very face of the book seems to stamp it as of a date less ancient. It is plentifully stocked with female diseases, even more so than any of later date. They are on the subject of suppressed, diminished, or vitiated catamenia; of moles, abortion, difficult parturition, suppressed lochia, inflammation of the womb, and barrenness. The most acrid remedies are usually prescribed, such as drastic purges, suppositories and pessaries; and numerous vegetable and fossil remedies mentioned in the other writings of Hippocrates, to which virtues are ascribed, often differing from those that are commonly attributed to them. He mentions the παρθενια, or matricaria. Some things are added, which appear to be of the same author, referring chiefly to the diseases of infants, and of the eyes, and enemata. This is one of the most extensive of the Hippocratic books. Haller divides it into four sections. Cornell University Press • CLASS V.: OF PHARMACY. This is an attempt to illustrate and explain the progressive periods of diseases, which he assimilates to the regular progression of the different stages of life, or age, in animals. He considers such consecutive changes in the progress of disease, as partly depending on the age of the patient; and that a doubt may be raised, whether any determinate point of time can be fixed on, as the beginning of disease, Much curious speculation is pursued in Edition: current; Page: [589 ] the consideration of the subject, which is not devoid of interest. He concludes, however, in favour of a commencement; and opposes some opinions of Archigenes, and gives the views of medical men, anterior to the period of Archigenes. He then takes notice of the different periods in intermittents, and the variety of the class, interspersed with much useful observations in regard to the accession, progress, and stages of these diseases; together with practical remarks on the state of the pulse, under these various changes during the paroxysm; and he gives us a division of the paroxysm into six periods, viz., the beginning, a state of inequality intermediate between it and the third state of augmentation, or increase; the fourth is that of vigour, or full strength, or acmé; the fifth is the declension, and the sixth, the state of remission. Here he gives a digression, as to the abuse that had been made of ancient names, and the itch of coining new ones, which had led to much error and confusion; adding, that some were so prone to it, (quidam hujusmodi ingenio refractario sunt præditi,) that they would not have regarded Apollo or Esculapius, if giving them advice to the contrary. He, moreover, adduces this fault, as a cause, and that a chief one, of their errors and ignorance as to the difference of diseases. He proceeds to consider the terms or names applied to the stages of an intermittent paroxysm, and affords a variety of particulars connected with fever, and with the opinion of Hippocrates on the subject. The periods or stages of fever, non-intermitting, (continued,) are next attended to, and of some of a mixed character. Close Find My Institution My delivery came from The Sun Bookshop in Yarraville. In a normal week the store would host story-time sessions for children, author events, book clubs and launches – but all of this has been cancelled. It’s a similar story at bookshops across Australia. of the theriaca. • PREDICTIONS OR PROGNOSTICS. • Building new kindergarten facilities in overcrowded urban and rural areas. 9.8% Magnuson, Katherine, and Greg J. Duncan. 2016. “Can Early Childhood Interventions Decrease Inequality of Economic Opportunity?” RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences vol. 2, no. 2, 123–41. • Tsar Bomba T RAITÉ DE L’A LIMENT, 3 For 2 Essential Pens and Pencils Des médicamens purgatifs, attribué à Galien, i. L. Why give to EPI • • Sir Philip Sidney 25.4 • Turkmenistan (0.038) XXIII. Of hydrothorax, from drinking water profusely in summer; from tubercles. Tubercles very common in oxen, dogs, and sheep, as evinced by dissection; still more so in man; treatment by paracentesis above the third false rib, by incision, and trocar, draining off the water for twelve days. LXXIV. to LXXXV. are taken up with the statement of lotions, fumigations, and fomentations of various kinds, including some ointments for various intentions. Literacy/reading “With income declines more severe in the lower brackets, there’s a good chance the recession may have widened the gap,” Professor Reardon said. In the study he led, researchers analyzed 12 sets of standardized test scores starting in 1960 and ending in 2007. He compared children from families in the 90th percentile of income — the equivalent of around $160,000 in 2008, when the study was conducted — and children from the 10th percentile, $17,500 in 2008. By the end of that period, the achievement gap by income had grown by 40 percent, he said, while the gap between white and black students, regardless of income, had shrunk substantially. These two books continue a description of the muscles, viz., of the face, head, neck and scapula, thorax, abdomen, loins and spine, &c., embracing much interesting detail as to the order he had adopted for his anatomical books, &c., and in the first chapter, terms are employed in relation to the monkey, which show that he, at least, knew well the difference of its anatomy from that of man, (“simiam vero ridiculam hominis simulationem existere demonstravimus: ac ob id hominis quidem modo graditur; sed in ipsis principalioribus partibus manca est,” &c.); of which he mentions sufficient proof. He moreover animadverts on the dissections of the physicians of his day, as being of parts the least important; and he esteems it his duty to impress this upon the minds of young men, and to urge them to a more useful line of conduct. This first chapter is, indeed, a kind of summary of the preceding books, and Edition: current; Page: [513 ] of those that succeed. Some reference is made here to books apparently lost, and which I have already adverted to, as mentioned by the editor of Galen. These books are from the fifth chapter of the ninth book, all the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth books, and in the first chapter, fourth book, he speaks of a “ decimus sextus illius operis liber, agit de arteriis, venis et nervis,” in which, he tells us, he has explained what is generally and commonly known respecting them. This must be considered as a great loss, for it would in all probability have enabled us more accurately to appreciate his anatomical skill, and the chief objects of his dissections; and also to estimate more fully his knowledge and views of a circulation of the blood. In the sixth chapter of the fifth book, he makes a slight reference to a singular case, which being more fully detailed in the seventh book, I shall there revert to it. He remarks on the ignorance of the older anatomists respecting the use of the intercostal muscles, notices the diaphragm (phrenes, vel septum transversum), and speaks of it as if it was formed of two muscles, an idea that has been entertained by later writers. a All students in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) benefit from zoning laws that advance integration and strong union–district collaboration on an enriching, equity-oriented curriculum. These efforts are bolstered by extra funding and wraparound supports for high-needs schools and communities. • Literary magazine 0.97 • bbPress The gender achievement gap, measured by standardized test scores, suspensions, and absences, in favor of female students, is larger at worse schools and among lower-income households. So poverty and school quality are partially responsible for the gap. [159] Self-regulation and conscientiousness [ edit ] Contents “Early life conditions and how children are stimulated play a very important role,” he said. “The danger is we will revert back to the mindset of the war on poverty, when poverty was just a matter of income, and giving families more would improve the prospects of their children. If people conclude that, it’s a mistake.” This book, says Haller, has always been esteemed as one of the genuine writings of Hippocrates. It has been commented on, and illustrated by Galen, and various writers since his time. Its language becomes the Father of Medicine, and its reasoning is sound. The book chiefly treats of as to what the body suffers from winds, waters, seasons, climates, and localities. It begins with a consideration of the exposure of the Grecian cities to various winds, and of their influence and effects. Next it treats of waters derived from different sources; incidentally adverting to calculus, as arising from their impurities, and as being less frequent in females, owing to the shortness of their urethra. It then proceeds to notice the diseases depending on different seasons of the year; and finally it treats of climates, as connected with the temperaments, customs, and diseases of their inhabitants. • Increasing kindergarten capacity in urban and rural areas by: When it comes to psychology books, there are a few texts that you should absolutely purchase. The APA style manual is a must-have for any psychology student. Get this book early on in your academic career and keep it on hand to consult as you write research papers, literature reviews, lab report, and other writing assignments. • The following books are largely nonpartisan and discuss diverse eras, figures, and topics in American politics. Close • For each test [math and reading], a three-parameter IRT model was used to estimate each student’s latent ability…at each wave…. The IRT model assumes that each student’s probability of answering a given test item correctly is a function of the student’s ability and the characteristics [discrimination, difficulty, and guessability] of the item…. Given the pattern of students’ responses to the items on the test that they are given, the IRT model provides estimates of both the person-specific latent abilities at each wave… and the item parameters. (Reardon 2007, 10) viii • About Wikipedia These gaps in student learning, which are reflected in places all around the world, stem from a host of challenges: students lacking materials at their reading level or in their mother tongue; teachers who lack the tools they need to succeed; and kids who can't get to school because they're stuck in a conflict zone, to name just a few. • Sciencing_Icons_Distributions Distributions Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions are one type of mechanical explosion that can occur when a vessel containing a pressurized liquid is ruptured, causing a rapid increase in volume as the liquid evaporates. Note that the contents of the container may cause a subsequent chemical explosion, the effects of which can be dramatically more serious, such as a propane tank in the midst of a fire. In such a case, to the effects of the mechanical explosion when the tank fails are added the effects from the explosion resulting from the released (initially liquid and then almost instantaneously gaseous) propane in the presence of an ignition source. For this reason, emergency workers often differentiate between the two events. • ^ Mann, D.; Shafer, E. (1997). "Technology and Achievement". The American School Board Journal. • Responsive and mobile-friendly. Traditionally, girls have outperformed boys in reading and writing. Although this gap may be minimal in kindergarten, it grows as students continue their education. According to the 2004 National Reading Assessment measured by the US Department of Education, the gap between boys and girls, only slightly noticeable in 4th grade, left boys 14 points behind girls during their 12th grade year. [134] On the 2008 test, female students continued to have higher average reading scores than male students at all three ages. The gap between male and female 4th graders was 7 points in 2008. By 12th grade, there was an 11-point gap between males and females. [134] of the causes of respiration. NCES makes the following recommendations for researchers who are choosing among scales (see Tourangeau et al. 2013): vi Collecting Essentials Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS). 2017. “ PEEP Information and Applications” (webpage). Accessed August 31, 2017. C. 15 th -16 th * Embedly Support Parental care No Controls • ^ Fletcher, R. P. (2015). Voices of persistence: A case study analysis of African American male community college students participating in a firstyear learning community (Doctoral dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3737723) • Teaching Quadrilaterals • Get Involved • Supplying and distributing mobile ger-kindergartens to rural areas with large populations of children of nomadic herders where pre-school enrollment rate is especially low compared to the national average. Wu, K. B. (1994). Mongolia: Financing Education during economic transition (The World Bank Discussion Paper #226). Washington, DC: Author. Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED383609). Google Scholar translations mirror the content and structure of the original text while reflecting the natural flow of the target language and 0.152 H ALLER, ii. p. 366. Boston, Massachusetts 0.117*** • Commerce Policy • H IPPOCRATIS DE D IEBUS J UDICATORIIS L IBER, (0.029) • University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston 9% • Science Cornell University Press 34.3% Next • Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah Benjamin Ginsberg, Pituita abounds in man more largely in the winter, since it is the humour that has naturally the greatest analogy with that reason; for of all the humours it is the coldest, of which we can easily satisfy ourselves. If you successively touch pituita, bile, and blood, the first will be found the coldest; it is more viscid, and combines with difficulty with atrabilis. It may be said, that every thing that is viscid and yields with difficulty, is, by the force employed for such a purpose, rendered hotter, although this is no argument against the actual frigidity of pituita. That it does augment in winter is very clear, for we cough up and discharge it largely at that season; besides which, it is during this season that œdemas and other pituitous swellings chiefly make their appearance. In spring, although pituita is still abundant, yet the blood increases, the cold recedes, and showers occur. The blood therefore ought to increase, both from the augmented humidity and from the increasing temperature, which are the natural concomitants of this season; and a proof of my position is, that men are more liable to dysenteries and epistaxis, and are hotter and higher coloured at those seasons. In the summer, the blood still abounds, but bile augments and extends into the autumn, the blood diminishing, since summer is contrary to its nature. The bile evinces its existence in the summer and in autumn, both by its spontaneous vomition, and by its copious discharge through the means of purgatives. It is equally shown; by the character of autumnal fevers, and by the colour of the skin. Pituita in summer is greatly weakened, for that season being hot and dry, it is naturally opposed to its presence. The blood is smallest in production in the autumn, for this is the dryest season, and already is the system becoming colder. And now the atrabilis predominates, both in power and in quantity. As winter approaches, the atrabilis is refrigerated, and is less abundant; whilst pituita resumes its station and extent, in consequence of abundant Edition: current; Page: [153 ] rains, and the greater length of night. The human body has, therefore, constantly, all the above humours; but they increase or diminish, each according to the season, as it may be conformable or otherwise to their nature respectively. As, throughout the year, there is always present both heat and cold, dryness and moisture, and as nothing in nature could for an instant subsist without their presence; if one alone was wanting, universal destruction would be the result; for the same law that subserved the creation of all things, is equally required for their preservation. It is the same with man; if one of those things that are essential to his constitution, were destroyed, he could not possibly exist. During the year, winter, spring, summer, and autumn, alternately predominate. In man, it is the pituita, or blood, or bile, or atrabilis, that successively hold the sway, as is evident from the operation of the same remedy on the same individual in the four different seasons of the year. In winter the evacuations are most abundant in pituita; in spring they are more diluted; bile predominates in them in summer, and atrabilis in the autumn. Now, this being the case, the diseases which increase in winter, ought to end in summer, as those that arise in summer should be arrested by winter, unless checked by a certain determinate periodicity. This regularity in their termination is elsewhere discussed. In regard to vernal diseases, we must await their final termination in the autumn; as those of autumn may be expected to disappear in spring. Should they extend beyond the season of their usual termination, they will be continued through the year. The physician, therefore, in attending the sick, ought to observe what is predominant in the system, as it regards the body, and also the season of the year. • Visit us on YouTube • G ALIEN, • Pamphlet (82) • France TO THE ABSTRACT OF HIPPOCRATES. XXIII. Iliac passion. 3. Mark Haddon • ↑ Пользователями сервиса "Яндекс.Учебник" стали более миллиона школьников (неопр.). ТАСС (20 января 2020). Дата обращения 5 мая 2020. • Fit Pregnancy this link opens in a new tab Acknowledgement • XIII.: DE UTILITATE RESPIRATIONIS. • - EarthPorn • Commerce Policy • Horror A loaded wagon came upon the ribs of one who belonged to Malea, and broke them. Matter lodged for some time under the ribs, but upon being cauterized below the spleen, and the ulcer kept open with lints and the like, he held out ten months. After the skin was cut, a cavity appeared both ways, reaching to the omentum, not without putrefaction. It extended likewise to the kidney and the bones. The habit of this man’s body was not perceived to be bilious, and so the putrefaction became great and dry, affecting the omentum and other fleshy parts. A dry medicine was here immediately necessary, while the strength of the patient lasted; for the moist medicines were so far from abating, that they increased the putrefaction. The moisture being stopped by the lints that were applied, a shivering and a fever came on; the putrefaction increased; and a fetid, blackish, putrid matter ran out. But before we undertook the cure, a great deal of such stuff was discharged every day, though not freely. By this we knew the nature of the disease, and that it was deeper than the skin. So that if every thing had been done for him in a proper manner, yet his case would have been desperate; even though a purging had also happened. Affiliated programs Economic Analysis and Research Network • EARN Свернуть описание This patient, during my attendance, was all along disordered in his belly; his urine thin and black; and he was comatose, watchful, cold in his extremities, and perpetually delirious. • • Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; Weekly Thread Calendar Day • Our app were sent to Soviet vocational schools. Specialists of all sorts, from Cite this chapter as: • CHAPTER III.